The Essential Guide to Hiring Customer Support Excellence

You can dream about having a great support team - or you can make it happen.

Hire for excellence in customer service, every time.

If you care about the impression your business leaves with customers - then you’re in luck.

We’re here to help you hire the customer service superstars that your business needs.

Because your customer support team is the face of your brand, they have the power to make great impressions, but also to cause upset and bad feelings. Don't you want to make sure you've hired for customer service excellence?

By hiring a great support team, they’ll help you to:

  • Grow customer loyalty
  • Develop real brand ambassadors for your organization
  • Build a competitive edge in the market with their communication skills

Hiring the best support pros around will help keep your customers happy, solve their problems and help your team become renowned for it’s customer service in your industry.

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Customer support hiring pros are saying:

avatars_with_logo-02.png “Hire for passion, not skill. Skills can always be taught, but finding someone with the passion to teach, and help others is actually really hard to find - this guide will show you how.”

Andrea Seaz, Head of Customer Success at ProdPad



avatars_with_logo-01.png"A great resource that unveils a simple yet powerful system to help you with one of the most important tasks as head of customer support: choosing and hiring the right talent for your team"

Luis Hernandez, VP of Customer Success at Geckoboard



avatars_with_logo-03.png"Hiring the right team member for your company is crucial, and Kayako knows that the perfect hire can really have a positive impact on the whole company and your customers."

Brittany Ferguson, Director of Customer Support at Fracture